Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Meditation- Attachment and Detachment (Part 2)

Many ask me the meaning of “detachment”. Is it really something we want to incorporate in our lives? I always associated detachment with “not caring” and if detachment meant not caring for my loved ones, it was definitely something I did not want to assimilate. How absurdly wrong I was! “You only lose what you cling […]

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Miraculous Belly Button Cures

The Belly Button is so much more than just sexiness – It is the connection of the mother with her pre-born baby , it is the centre of the body, it is used for healing in many cases. Mythically, it has special significance in Hindu Vedas, Greek mythology, Japanese and Jewish cultures. It is also viewed […]

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Indian Grandma’s Kitchen Cures

Recently, while talking to friend, I realized there are so many herbaceous cures that aren’t widely known outside of India. As a child, whenever I had skinned knees or sore throat, my grandma would rush to the kitchen and come up with some potion or concoction that would sure as hell cure me. Although my father […]

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