Simple habits to live peacefully

These simple habits not only help us live peacefully but also let us pass peacefulness to others who cross our path.

Re-blogged from the Being Buddha Project (Link: Being Buddha Project strives to motivate all those willing to live mindfully and with peace. Please check it out here  and follow if you like 🙂

Being Buddha is understanding and accepting that changing our outlook towards the world can help us live peacefully. And in order to do that, these are simple qualities we can adopt in our daily lives –

  1. Make yourself a priority- Take complete responsibility for your peace and happiness. No one can help you be peaceful or happy. It’s a choice. Once you feel good, you automatically spread goodness.
  2. Accept people as they are- Each one of us fights their own battle. Each one of us has a different purpose.
  3. Understand that everyone is right in their own perspective- Each one of us learns our own lessons. Right and wrong is a perspective. Let everyone be.
  4. Learn to let go- Letting go is the key to end suffering. Letting go is the key to happiness and inner peace.
  5. Don’t expect- Expectation usually brings sadness. When we expect, we don’t pay attention to other possibilities and narrow our view point. Be open to whatever comes. You will be at peace with everything.
  6. Understand that you don’t need validation- We expect appreciation and try to prove to the world that we are smart. Honestly, none of us needs validation.
  7. Don’t compare- Each one of us lives our own individual life. Each one of us has a different purpose. There are no two individuals who are the same. There is no point in comparing.
  8. Understand the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’- We need very few things in order to live happily. But unfulfilled wants are usually the reason behind our unhappiness.
  9. Mind the gap- Between every action and reaction, there is a gap (for example: someone does something that makes you angry. That’s the action. And you actually getting angry is the reaction). When we are mindful, we can pause and think before reacting.
  10. Be at peace with yourself- If you do something wrong, don’t beat yourself up over it. Take it as a lesson and move on. Each day is a new beginning. What matters is how we live today.

Be Happy. Be Peaceful 🙂


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