How meditation is helping me in tough times…

I had planned my whole career in front of me. After graduating with Masters in Business, I was all set to start my career in the USA. It was time to start earning to pay the HEAVY education loan, or student debt as they call it in America. I had a job offer from this really amazing startup. Now all I had to do was wait from my work permit from the government (since I was an international student on a student visa) and live the American dream. Well, not quite! USCIS (United States Center of Immigration Services) denied my work authorization. This means I am not eligible to work in the country and have to leave ASAP. I am no criminal, no felon. I am just trying to make my mark in the world. Get a job, earn some money, pay my debt, make my parents happy ~ the usual stuff. But looks like life has other plans for me.

I have always believed whatever happens is for a reason, and the reason is always good. I’m pretty fucked right now, but I’ve decided to sail through with “faith” and “patience”. This is what my Guru teaches me. “Shraddha” and “Saburi” as it is called in Sanskrit. Meditation has taught me quite a lot, particularly the idea that everything is changing. Everything is Anicca– impermanent. And if everything is so, then why bother feeling bad or depressed by any kind of situation? As that too shall pass!

Always remember- whatever it is, however bad it is- It too shall pass! 🙂

If you find yourself in a sticky, gooey situation which may be caused due to you, or situations around you- think about what you can do next. If you keep crying over spilled milk, it’s not going to help you or better the situation in any way! However, what you CAN do, is think ahead. Can you improve the situation? Is it worth improving? If not, what can you do next? What lessons can you take away from the sticky, gooey situation such that it does not occur again? Answer these questions in your head. Keep your mind firm and move on with the heart of a lion, courageous and determined. With a firm mind, trust me, NOTHING can come in your way. It may take a while, but hey that’s what “patience” and “faith” are for. Power to you! Go, fight!


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