How to Make the Right Choice in a Difficult Situation

I was driving on my way back to Phoenix from LA last month. Knowing myself, I’m always in a hurry to get home when on a 5 hour+ drive. The car tires needed air-check while I had set my mind on reaching home before the stroke of midnight. After all, it was Monday the next day. I did make it home without the air-check, but that night I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that I was driving with a flat tire. My stubborn self still didn’t wanna make a pitstop. I lost control of the car and woke up with a sweat! The other day, my fiancé’s friends decided to go for Happy Hour on his football practice day. He was torn between getting his dose of endorphins and alcohol. We face many situations in our life- some with smaller repercussions and others with greater ones. I have devised a simple theory.

On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become. – Anonymous

I read this today under “definition of hell” and realized that we are all about the choices we make. Sharing my theory on ‘Making the right choice in difficult situations’ ~

  1. If the situation is such that there’s an easy way out, think again. The easiest choice is usually not the right choice. Go over your priorities.
  2. If the situation is such that you love all your options, weigh them. Imagine you’ve chosen one, how would you feel about choosing this and not that? Now imagine you’ve chosen the other option, now how do you feel about your choice? If you feel equally good/bad about choosing both your options, take a pen and paper and jot down the pros and cons to each. Compare them with your priorities.
  3. If the situation is such that you are too lazy to choose the right thing, think again. Do you wanna be the person who is too lazy to achieve their dreams? Get your priorities straight!
  4. If the situation is such that it can hurt either you or someone else, try and choose a middle ground. If not, remember, troublesome situations come to those who are strong enough to face them. It may not be about being the better person as much as it is about being the wiser person. Selfless, yet wise.
  5. If the situation involves a huge sum of money, weigh your priorities. Make the choice that helps you maintain/better your priorities.
  6. If the situation is such that no available choice makes you happy, keep working harder.

Lastly, remember the choices you make are what define you, develop you and mould you. It may be a difficult choice, but if it is something you are going to thank yourself for in the future, go for it no matter how tedious it is! This is how I personally maintain persistence in all my projects. I hope this helps you too.


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