Miraculous Belly Button Cures

The Belly Button is so much more than just sexiness – It is the connection of the mother with her pre-born baby , it is the centre of the body, it is used for healing in many cases. Mythically, it has special significance in Hindu Vedas, Greek mythology, Japanese and Jewish cultures. It is also viewed as the tree under which Buddha meditated for years to attain enlightenment at Bodhgaya. The American Indians believe the pole star to be the ‘navel of the heavens’. Several Yogis are known to meditate on the navel for transcendence as it is believed to be the connection between macro and microcosms. It is the spot of astral projection.

It is a common notion in India to apply different types of oil in the belly button for curing several ailments. I have always questioned the science behind this, but haven’t ever received a satisfying answer. Nonetheless, they seem to work wonders.

  • Gas Problems– Apply warm Coconut oil with powered asafoetida (Hindi: Hing) in the belly button and rub the tummy gently. This relieves gas from bloated bellies. Babies tend to have a lot of gas problems due to their complex diet of milk and milk only. When they are up all night howling mercilessly, it is more often than not, the gas problem. I have seen this do its trick and let the baby sleep like a baby.
  • Acne Problems– Apply Neem oil on the belly button.
  • Cracked lips– Apply Mustard oil on the belly button.
  • Glow on the face– Apply Almond oil on the belly button.
  • Soft Skin– Apply clarified butter (ghee) from cow’s milk on the belly button.
  • Face Pigmentation– Apply Lemon oil on the belly button.
  • Cold, Cough, Flu– Apply some alcohol, preferably Brandy on a cotton ball and keep in tucked in your belly button. While we are at it, my biggest concern during the flu season is blocked nose while sleeping. Applying Eucalyptus oil on a napkin and inhaling it regularly helps unblock the nose.

Spiritual healing believes the belly button to be the point through which health of the body origins. Consequently, stimulating the navel results in eliminating toxins and boosting nutrients to keep a healthy flow of energy in the body. Warming abdomen increases immunity and relaxes the muscles. Besides, the gut that lies behind the belly button is responsible for secreting 90% serotonin and 50% dopamine. These are, after all, our happy hormones. Stimulating the belly button with warm oils, in turn, stimulates the belly and the gut.

So, before you rummage through your medicine cabinet and pop a pill, give these a shot!



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